Adobe Experience Manager 6.5 – Build Websites And Components Online Course

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Close up iPhone showing Udemy application and laptop with notebookAdobe Experience Manager (AEM) is a content management system designed for creating and managing digital experiences. As AEM becomes increasingly popular, individuals and organizations are seeking out online courses to enhance their skills and knowledge. In this article, we will explore some of the best AEM courses available online, covering topics such as system administration, development, and content authoring. Whether you are new to AEM or looking to expand your expertise, these courses provide valuable insights and practical experience.

Here’s a look at the Best Adobe Experience Manager Courses and Certifications Online and what they have to offer for you!

Adobe Experience Manager 6.5 – Build Websites And Components Online Course

1. Adobe Experience Manager 6.5 – Build Websites and Components by Jasvinder Singh Bhatia (Udemy) (Our Best Pick)

The Adobe Experience Manager 6.5 – Build Websites and Components course is designed to help individuals learn how to use Adobe Experience Manager. The course is suitable for individuals who are new to AEM or those who want to improve their skills in using the Content Management system.
Participants will learn how to build websites, content, and components from scratch using AEM. They will also learn to personalize their content for customers using AEM sites, components, templates, website scripting, HTL language, and more.
The course provides access to the resources used in the lab sessions as a free download, which enables learners to write and experience the code at the root level of AEM. The course covers the latest version (v6.5) and includes exercises to implement a React application for a fictitious lifestyle brand, the WKND.
The course content includes sections on AEM architecture, installation, and IDE basics, developer tools, AEM sites and assets concepts, working with AEM project, content rendering, HTML template language, client-side libraries, core and proxy components, and best practices in using AEM.
The course instructor, Jasvinder Singh Bhatia, promises to be available every step of the way to answer questions and envisions making the course the best resource for AEM development.
Individuals can enroll in the course by clicking the enroll button and will be equipped with the skills needed to use Adobe Experience Manager for developing websites or as a career opportunity.

2. Adobe Experience Manager 6.3 | The Complete AEM Masterclass by Jasvinder Singh Bhatia (Udemy)

The Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Masterclass Course teaches individuals how to build a customized website using AEM. AEM is an Enterprise Web Content Management System that allows organizations to provide a personalized digital experience to their audience. This course covers AEM architecture and installation, developing and working with AEM applications, using AEM with Eclipse and Git, using ClientLibs, Sightly, and creating a website with online training.
The course is unique because it provides a complete package of theoretical concepts and practical labs with online training. The package includes theory and practical sessions to build knowledge and prepare individuals for an Intelligent Content platform, AEM. The course also provides code and graphical assets as a free download for practical exercises. By the end of the course, individuals will have a ready-to-launch website, We.Learn.
To enroll in this course, individuals should have basic knowledge of web-application techniques including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The course is built using AEM Version 6.3 and covers topics such as architecture and concepts, authoring, templates and components, Eclipse integration with BitBucket and AEM, Sightly, OSGi, and advanced Sling concepts.

3. Adobe Experience Manager CMS Basics by Manuel Daniel Gutiérrez Marín (Udemy)

The Adobe Experience Manager Basics course, taught by Manuel Daniel Gutiérrez Marín, provides a high-level overview of some of AEM’s features to help students understand them at a basic level. The course covers what AEM is – a CMS that allows users to create websites similar to Drupal, WordPress or other CMSs. Participants will learn how to install an author and a publish instance, edit pages using the classic and touch UI, and utilize authoring modes like edit, design and preview. Students will also gain insight into components, templates, clientlibs, etc. The course includes a simple project to help apply the concepts learned.

The course is divided into eight sections: Introduction, AEM Basics, Content Editing, AEM Components, External Tools, External Tools + AEM 6.5 Update, Challenge Solution, and Thanks. By the end of the course, students will have a better understanding of what AEM is and when to look for certain things such as pages, components, and templates. This course serves as an introduction to AEM and will prepare students for more specific AEM courses in the future.

4. AEM Interview Q&A And Developer Certification Tests 2022 by Jasvinder Singh Bhatia (Udemy)

The AEM Interview Q&A and Developer Certification Tests 2022 course, instructed by Jasvinder Singh Bhatia, is designed for IT professionals who desire to advance their career in Adobe Experience Manager, the complete Web Content Management System. The course contains two parts: AEM Q&A, which prepares individuals for interviews, and AEM Developer Certification Practice Tests, with the latest practice tests updated in 2022.

The aim of the course is to equip individuals with AEM concepts, prepare them for tricky AEM interview questions, and help them start a career as an AEM professional. The course covers over 150 questions and answers on architecture, templates, components, JCR repository, Sling, OSGi, workflow, client libraries, Sightly, and more. It is structured with all elements of different questions separated by different topics, to help students seriously advance their career and crack the technical rounds of AEM.

The course is updated with the latest 2022 practice test questions, ensuring that individuals are up-to-date with the latest knowledge. It contains over 100 certification exam questions for individuals to prepare for the AEM Developer Level Exam. The course content and sections include AEM Introduction – Q&A, AEM Concepts – Q&A, Dispatcher – Q&A, AEM Developer Certification Practice Test, Repository – Q&A, OSGi – Q&A, Service – Q&A, Dialog – Q&A, Template and Components – Q&A, Sling – Q&A, Client Libraries – Q&A, Workflow – Q&A, Sightly (HTL) – Q&A, AEM Developer Certification Practice Test, and AEM Best Practices.

Overall, this course is ideal for IT professionals who want to enhance their knowledge and skills in the growing tool/framework of AEM, and advance their career with confidence and preparation for AEM interviews and developer certification practice tests.

5. Adobe Experience Manager 6.5-AEM Website Building course by Kavita Mandal (Udemy)

The Adobe Experience Manager 6.5-AEM Website Building course is designed to teach participants how to utilize the enterprise-grade content management platform, Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). The course is instructed by Kavita Mandal and is ideal for those who want to learn about the powerful features of AEM.

AEM is managed through a graphical interface accessible through any modern browser that enables desktop-like features. The AEM application modules sit on top of the AEM shared framework, which contains all functionalities that are shared among all the application modules. This allows for mobile functionality, multi-site manager, taxonomy management, and workflow capabilities. Additionally, the AEM applications share the same infrastructure and UI framework.

The course content is broken down into various sections, including an introduction, AEM installation and tour of various consoles, HTL for component development, AEM code setup in Local using Intellij, designing components from a mock-up, and learning about templates, components, pages, API, dialogs, OSGI deep dive, AEM workflows, and AEM 6.5 features.

By the end of the course, participants will have a comprehensive understanding of Adobe Experience Manager 6.5 and its various functionalities, and will be able to apply this knowledge to build their own AEM websites.

6. Adobe Experience Manager Developer Course – AEM 6.5.11 by Nikunj Jariwala (Udemy)

The Adobe Experience Manager Developer Course – AEM 6.5.11 is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), a content management solution for building websites, mobile apps, and forms. This course is perfect for beginner/intermediate level AEM developers who have a basic knowledge of Java, HTML/JS/CSS, and the AEM jar file along with the license properties file and service pack 11.

The course covers practical concepts required to build and deliver a site in AEM version 6.5 with Service Package 11. Topics include AEM Sites, Content Pages, AEM Assets, Metadata Schema, Asset Search, Asset Renditions, Asset Home Page Experience, Duplicate Detection, Asset Upload Restriction, Content Authoring, Core Components, Custom Components, Editable Templates, Content Fragments, Experience Fragments, Presentation Layer, HTL – HTML Template Language, Clientlibs, Operations, Custom Logger, Package Manager, Single Sign-On, Replication Agents, AEM Dispatchers, Processes, AEM Workflows, Runmodes, Sling Resolution, APIs, GraphQL API, Sling Models JSON Exporter, Multi-domain/Multi-Lingual, MSM Language Copy, MSM Live Copy, MSM Live Copy Overview, SEO, and Core Components Sitemap XML.

The course also covers best practices in all of the above topics, and at the end of the course, learners will have a solid understanding of all the topics required to work on a real-world project. This course can also help developers prepare for the Adobe certification exam.

The course is divided into several sections, including an introduction, Components & Templates, AEM Concepts, AEM Concepts, AEM ASSETS – DAM, Content/Experience Fragments, Multi-Site Manager, AEM Concepts, AEM Concepts, AEM Concepts, and AEM Concepts.

7. Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Forms Developer Hands-on Labs by Jasvinder Singh Bhatia (Udemy)

The Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Forms Developer Hands-on Labs Course taught by Jasvinder Singh Bhatia is designed to teach students how to create AEM form templates, adaptive forms, XDP templates, panels, scripting, rule editors, themes & DoRs. AEM Forms is a capability within Adobe Experience Manager that facilitates the creation, management, publishing, and updating of complex digital forms while integrating with back-end processes, business rules, and data. AEM Forms provides form management tools that allow the management of adaptive forms, XFA forms, PDF forms, and related assets.

The course aims to help individuals in large enterprises who face the challenge of keeping a large database of forms up-to-date and making them discoverable. AEM Forms provides a customizable Forms Portal that ensures customers find and access forms they need across both web and mobile channels. The course covers foundational AEM Forms topics and techniques and is well designed for beginners, with lots of examples and hands-on labs to provide students with first-hand experience with course concepts.

Students will learn best practices for creating AEM Forms templates and adaptive forms. Topics covered include Adaptive Form Templates, Panels and Fields, Scripting and Rule Editor, Themes, DoRs (Documents of Record), and more. Each topic includes hands-on exercises to implement new knowledge. Students can follow along the course by setting up their own lab environment.

Resources are provided for students to practice creating themes and adaptive forms, including the aemforms-reference-themes-pkg-2.0.4_v6.3 zip file in Section 7 and the SmartDoc-Adaptive Form in Section 2. The course is divided into the following sections: AEM Forms – Introduction, Adaptive Forms, Adaptive Form Templates, Editable Template Folder and Live Templates, Adaptive Forms & XDP Templates, Scripting & Rule Editor, Themes, and Document of Record (DoR).

8. Adobe Experience Manager Business Practitioner by Hubab Ikram (Udemy)

Course Title: Adobe Experience Manager Business Practitioner Course

Instructors: Hubab Ikram

Course Short Description: This course provides a Question & Answer Series to help individuals pass their AD0-E102 Exam.

Course Long Description: The Adobe Experience Manager Business Practitioner Course is designed to help individuals prepare and pass their AD0-E102 Exam. The practice tests included in this course are designed to not only aid in exam preparation but also increase confidence levels. By attending practice questions, individuals gain knowledge about the different types of questions that may be encountered on the exam.

The exam topics covered in this course include education, architecture, business solution, general solution, reporting, and administration. These topics are essential to passing the AD0-E102 Exam.

The course content and sections include practice tests that cover all exam topics. With this course, individuals can improve their chances of passing the exam and achieve their IT certification goals.

We wish all individuals the best of luck in their exam preparation and achieving their IT certification goals.

9. Adobe Target Training For Beginners by Kevin Britto (Udemy)

This Adobe Target Training for Beginners course, led by instructor Kevin Britto, provides an introduction to Adobe Target and teaches participants how to use it in Adobe Experience Cloud. The course is designed for those who are new to experimentation and require guidance on setting up various activities in Adobe Target.

Adobe Target is a widely-used tool for experimentation by some of the world’s largest companies. The course covers the fundamentals of Adobe Target, including setting up AB Tests, Multivariate Tests, Experience Targeting, creating Audiences and Profile Scripts, Automated Personalisation Tests, and creating recommendations and custom designs.

The course is structured to provide a deep understanding of each activity in Adobe Target, drawing on Britto’s extensive five-year experience using the tool. The course is suitable for beginners who are looking for Target training videos and would like to start experimenting in Adobe Target.

The course is comprised of an introduction and several sections that cover setting up activities in Adobe Target.

10. Adobe Experience Manager Business Practitioner– AD0-E102 by Priya Khullar (Udemy)

Course Title: Adobe Experience Manager Business Practitioner– AD0-E102
Course Instructors: Priya Khullar

The course titled Adobe Experience Manager Business Practitioner– AD0-E102 is designed to help individuals gain an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of an AEM business practitioner. The course aims to enhance one’s AEM knowledge and provide practice questions on AEM modules which will help in understanding the exam pattern for the AEM business practitioner.

The course is structured with one section, which is Practice Tests. This section aims to provide individuals with practice questions that are similar to those that will be asked in the actual AEM business practitioner exam. The practice tests are designed to help individuals understand the exam pattern and improve their chances of passing the exam.

The course is suitable for individuals who are interested in becoming an AEM business practitioner or those who are looking to enhance their AEM knowledge. The course is instructed by Priya Khullar, who has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of AEM.

Overall, the Adobe Experience Manager Business Practitioner– AD0-E102 course is a valuable resource for those looking to gain a better understanding of AEM and improve their chances of passing the AEM business practitioner exam.