Animal Reiki Course Online

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Close up iPhone showing Udemy application and laptop with notebookReiki is a Japanese healing technique that involves transferring energy through the hands. It has been gaining popularity around the world as a complementary therapy to traditional medicine. With the advent of online learning, Reiki courses have become more accessible than ever before. Many websites claim to offer the best Reiki courses online, but it can be difficult to determine which ones are legitimate and effective. In this article, we will explore the features of high-quality online Reiki courses and provide a guide to help you find the best option for your needs.

Here’s a look at the Best Reiki Courses and Certifications Online and what they have to offer for you!

Animal Reiki Course Online

1. Reiki Level I, II and Master/Teacher Program by Lisa Powers (Udemy) (Our Best Pick)

The Reiki Level I, II and Master/Teacher Program Course, instructed by Lisa Powers, offers comprehensive training for individuals interested in becoming a Certified Traditional Usui Reiki Practitioner/Instructor. The course includes over 5 hours of video lectures, over 30 resources, a 250-page manual, and additional resources for personal Reiki teaching practice.

The course covers the history of Reiki, how it works, and how to use Reiki energy to heal emotional, physical, and energetic imbalances. Students will learn how to perform Reiki from a distance, clear unwanted habits, manifest goals, teach others, and perform attunements. The course offers a community of like-minded individuals and international recognition upon completion.

The course is comprehensive and detailed, with over 8 hours of video lectures and a 160-page manual. Students have lifetime access to the course materials and can ask the Certified Reiki Master/Teacher questions. The course provides manuals that students can edit and use for their own Reiki practice and teaching.

The course also offers unique and authentic Traditional Reiki certificate (pdf) via email, which students can use for display purposes with their clients. Students can set a specific time and date for their distance attunements, which the Instructor will perform individually with them.

The course has almost 10,000 reviews, with many students stating that the course offers more information and powerful attunements compared to in-person Reiki courses.

Overall, the course provides in-depth training on Reiki and offers a supportive community to enhance personal growth or work on imbalances. The course is suitable for individuals wanting to add Reiki to their current practice or begin their own Reiki practice.

Note: Students who wish to receive certification in this course will receive attunements to Levels I, II and Master Reiki, which will require personal information. The information provided is confidential and only used for the purpose of the attunement ceremony.

2. Reiki Level I, II and Master Certification – Energy Healing by Melissa Crowhurst (Udemy)

The Reiki Level I, II, and Master Certification – Energy Healing Course is designed to enable individuals to become certified Usui Reiki practitioners. The course covers various aspects of energy healing that can help individuals heal themselves, family, friends, clients, pets and more.

The course is divided into thirteen chapters. The first three chapters cover the basics, feelings, and preparation for Reiki Level I. The fourth chapter introduces the symbols for Reiki Level 2 and Master, followed by the fifth chapter on chakras. Chapters six to nine cover topics such as readiness, attunements, distance attunements, and other healing attunements, while chapters ten to twelve cover crystals and Reiki, spiritual growth, and starting a Reiki business.

The thirteenth chapter is the conclusion of the course and includes small but important print that students must pay attention to. The course concludes with a message of gratitude and respect, expressed as namaste, before students can receive their certificate of completion.

3. Crystal Reiki Master/Teacher Certification by Lisa Powers (Udemy)

The Crystal Reiki Master/Teacher Certification Course, led by Lisa Powers, aims to provide individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to conduct Crystal Reiki sessions on themselves and others, as well as teach Crystal Reiki. Participants will learn how to perform customized Crystal Reiki sessions that concentrate on the intentions of the recipient. Additionally, the course teaches students how to select crystals with specific properties to aid in the healing process, as well as sacred geometry to enhance their practice.

The course is designed for those who have previously completed studies in Traditional Reiki Levels I and II, and want to progress to specific and focused Crystal Reiki sessions. Participants will gain an understanding of the internal structures of crystals, their metaphysical properties, and how they can be utilized to amplify Crystal Reiki energy. The program provides scientific theory intertwined with practical opportunities to practice and share experiences with a supportive community.

The course consists of over 35 lectures, with videos, audio, and written resources, and an 85-page manual that can be downloaded for reference purposes. Students have lifetime access to the course materials, including additional information and updates. Upon completion of the course requirements, participants will receive a Crystal Reiki Master/Teacher certificate that can be displayed with clients. Certification requirements include completing each lecture and a course exam to ensure a high standard of professional competency.

Students who enroll in the course will receive attunements that require personal information (name, email), which is kept confidential and used only for the attunement ceremony. The course includes topics such as Introduction to Crystal Reiki, Working with Crystals, Your Crystal Reiki Practice, Crystal Reiki Symbols and Layouts, Teaching Crystal Reiki, and Crystal Reiki for specific intentions and imbalances.

The Crystal Reiki Master/Teacher Certification Course is ideal for those who want to enhance their Reiki practice and gain a deeper understanding of the unique resonance of Crystal Reiki.

4. Advanced Reiki Master Teacher Certificate & Course Material by Melissa Crowhurst (Udemy)

The Advanced Reiki Master Teacher Certificate course, led by Melissa Crowhurst, aims to enhance the skills of Reiki Masters in teaching others the practice. The course provides certification and covers various topics, including qualifications and time requirements, case studies, becoming a true master teacher, planning and creating a course, students’ attunement ceremony, further learning and techniques, building a Reiki business, and legalities.

The course begins with an introduction followed by Chapter 1, which discusses the qualifications necessary for the course and the time required to complete it. Chapters 2, 3, and 4 focus on case studies, enabling students to explore and apply their experiences with Reiki. Chapter 5 emphasizes the importance of being a true master teacher, which includes embodying the values of Reiki and setting an example for students.

Chapter 6 provides guidance on planning and creating a course, including curriculum development, lesson planning, and student evaluation methods. Chapter 7 discusses the process of creating a Reiki course, including choosing a location, setting course fees, and advertising. Chapter 8 explains the students’ attunement ceremony, which is a critical aspect of the course that involves initiating students into the practice of Reiki.

Chapter 9 covers further learning and techniques, providing advanced knowledge for students to enhance their Reiki practice. Chapters 10 and 11 address building a Reiki business, legalities, and ethical considerations. The course concludes with a thank you and course completion section. In summary, the Advanced Reiki Master Teacher Certificate course is a comprehensive training program that equips Reiki Masters with the necessary skills to become effective teachers and practitioners.

5. Reiki and Colour Therapy by Lisa Powers, Libby Seery Founder of Renaissance Life Therapies (Udemy)

The Reiki and Colour Therapy course, instructed by Lisa Powers and Libby Seery, aims to teach participants techniques to balance their mind and energetic body using Colour Therapy and Reiki. This self-paced course includes various sections such as exploring the essence of Reiki, analyzing one’s dreams, and connecting with universal consciousness. Participants will learn powerful routines that include Reiki and Colour Therapy to help them solve problems, gain clarity, and increase their awareness. They will also explore the power of Mandalas and Sacred Geometry, and learn how to see, sense, and clear auras.

Reiki is an alternative healing method that addresses the body, mind, and spirit. Its founder Dr. Usui intended for his system to be used for balancing the body by highlighting areas that need work. The course delves into the essence of Reiki and ancient techniques that help with exploring one’s energetic body.

Colour Therapy and therapeutic art can be helpful in discovering different facets of one’s personality and resolving emotional pain. Participants will learn various colour therapy techniques to explore colour frequencies, scan auric fields, and clear chakras. This non-invasive balancing technique has been used for thousands of years and promotes emotional and spiritual growth.

The course teaches effective techniques that participants can use anywhere and anytime to bring peace, increase their frequency, and improve their physical and mental well-being. Participants will learn about elements, sacred symbols, and the Tree of Life. They will also receive Reiju, an energetic blessing that helps individuals on their journey towards individuation and self-actualization.

This self-paced course offers complete flexibility and access to lectures, updates, and additions even after completion. Participants will have access to support 7 days a week. The Reiki and Colour Therapy course provides an opportunity to discover the rewarding practice of art and Reiki.

6. QUANTUM REIKI: Level 1 – Healer Certification by Antojai® by Ascended Master Antojai | Axél Carrasquillo Msc.D. (Udemy)

The QUANTUM REIKI: Level 1 – Healer Certification course, offered by Antojai® and taught by Ascended Master Antojai and Axél Carrasquillo Msc.D., is designed to teach students the most powerful form of reiki available globally today. This Quantum Reiki course covers Levels 1, 2, and Master of traditional reiki, as well as the first level of Quantum Reiki. Students who complete the course are eligible to become internationally recognized Quantum Reiki Healers accredited by the International Antojai Organization. The course includes a certification from Antojai Shamanic Wellness and the opportunity to become a teacher in Quantum Reiki Grand Master Level 2.

The course offers several benefits, including the ability to learn any Reiki modality instantly, heal yourself and your friends at a Quantum level, evolve your existing Reiki skill to the max, and learn how to be an Advanced Reiki Healer. All levels are welcome.

The course is broken down into several sections, including Reiki Level 1, Reiki Level 2, Reiki Level 3: Master Healer, Distance Healing, Quantum Reiki & Reality, Crystal Healing, Attunement Instructions & Grandmaster Course, and Starseed Update 2.0. The research development for the course was taken from Antojai Quantum Alchemy Healing by Axél Alberto Carrasquillo Msc.D.

Overall, the QUANTUM REIKI: Level 1 – Healer Certification course offers students the opportunity to become a powerful Quantum Reiki Healer and potentially a teacher in Quantum Reiki Grand Master Level 2.

7. Build Your Ideal Reiki Business by Lisa Powers (Udemy)

The Build Your Ideal Reiki Business course, instructed by Lisa Powers, provides a step by step guide for individuals wishing to become professional Reiki practitioners. The course aims to help individuals avoid common mistakes made by Reiki practitioners when starting their professional Reiki practice. It covers key elements such as location, session fee, clients, marketing streams, methods of conducting sessions, and achieving balance between the business and personal life.

The course is designed to assist individuals in creating a fulfilling Reiki business. It aims to guide individuals through the process of starting their own business in a way that aligns with their values and dreams. The course is suitable for anyone who wishes to offer Reiki sessions for a fee.

The course is divided into several sections starting with an introduction and followed by topics such as logistics of the Reiki business, working with clients, marketing the Reiki business, and achieving balance in personal and professional life.

The course provides guidance in choosing a location based on individual needs and financial situation. It explores the concept of money and charging for sessions and includes choosing the appropriate session fee. Scheduling clients and staying in contact with them in between sessions is also covered.

The course teaches how to conduct client intakes and the importance of doing so to measure progress. It covers common mistakes made by practitioners during sessions and how to conclude a session that helps clients prioritize their health after leaving.

The course also covers online presence and how to reach potential clients through websites and social media. It explores teaching Reiki and provides access to manuals and certificates that can be modified for use in the business.

Lastly, the course teaches how to create a balanced schedule that helps individuals be productive and dedicated to building their Reiki business while ensuring they have balance in their personal life. It also teaches how to use Reiki to balance the business in relation to money, clients, and personal life.

8. Karuna Ki Reiki Master Training by Aimee Phlegar (Udemy)

The Karuna Ki Reiki Master Training Course is designed for individuals who have already attained Reiki master certification and are looking to deepen their understanding and practice of healing energy. The course is focused on Karuna, a Sanskrit word that translates to compassionate action and refers to actions taken to diminish the suffering of others. The oneness of all beings is emphasized through Karuna, making it a logical extension of love and healing to all individuals. The course teaches the four Karuna I symbols that prepare the client for deep healing, heal deeply, fill the person with love and restore balance, and bring the client back into the body and ground them. Additionally, the course covers the higher vibration and more powerful Karuna II symbols.

The Karuna Ki Reiki Class includes two levels, one traditional Master attunement, four master symbols, and eight treatment symbols. The energy is reported to have a more definite feeling and provide more healing on the emotional and spiritual levels than Usui Reiki. The course includes instruction and practice on the use of all twelve symbols, as well as techniques such as chanting and toning, Reiki meditation to heal the Shadow Self, and mudras.

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to teach all aspects of Karuna Ki Reiki. The course manual and certificate are included.

9. Reiki Space Clearing Certification – Energy Healing a Place by Melissa Crowhurst (Udemy)

The Reiki Space Clearing Certification – Energy Healing a Place course, led by instructor Melissa Crowhurst, offers a comprehensive guide to clearing negative energy in various spaces. This course provides methods to clear energy in personal spaces, as well as the spaces of others.

The course is divided into eleven chapters, beginning with an introduction to the topic. The next two chapters cover the fundamentals of Reiki energy healing and the energy field. Chapter three delves into the concept of space clearing, discussing its definition and purpose. The anatomy of a place is explored in chapter four.

Chapter five provides techniques for clearing energy in different life situations based on the Bagua map. The course also covers other tools and preparation methods, including the use of crystals and essential oils. Chapter seven outlines the actual steps of space clearing, while chapter eight covers aftercare.

The course concludes with a discussion on helping others and a FAQ section. Upon completion of the course, students will receive a certificate.

10. Reiki Grand Master Levels 5-20 by Aimee Phlegar (Udemy)

The Reiki Grand Master Levels 5-20 course, taught by Aimee Phlegar, offers students the opportunity to expand upon the original Reiki system through the use of new symbols, practices, and energetic tools for personal and spiritual growth. The distant attunements for each level provide a sense of familiarity, and each degree has a specific focus area that builds upon the previous one. While the term Grand Master is subjective and does not indicate a particular level of skill or separation from other Reiki levels, working with these attunements can be an exciting and rewarding journey toward spiritual expansion.

The course consists of an introduction, followed by sections covering each Reiki Grand Master level from 5 to 20. The levels are progressive, with each one building upon the knowledge and skills learned in the previous level. The Reiki Grand Master Level 5 and 6 section covers the symbols and practices for these levels, while the Reiki Grand Master Levels 7 and 8 section covers the symbols and practices for those levels. The remaining levels are each covered in separate sections.

It is important to note that becoming a Reiki Grand Master requires time, practice, and dedication. The course is designed to assist in increasing spiritual expansion and may reveal many learning discoveries. The conclusion of the course provides a summary of the material covered and encourages continued practice and growth in the Reiki system.