Audio Editing Online Training Course

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Close up iPhone showing Udemy application and laptop with notebookAudio Editing is a crucial aspect of music production and post-production. With the advancement of technology, online courses have become a popular way to learn new skills and techniques. In this article, we will explore some of the best Audio Editing courses available online. These courses are designed to help beginners and professionals alike, acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to edit and enhance audio files for various purposes.

Here’s a look at the Best Audio Editing Courses and Certifications Online and what they have to offer for you!

Audio Editing Online Training Course

1. Audacity Audio Masterclass: Sound Like A Pro With Audacity by Ed Rubuliak (Udemy) (Our Best Pick)

The Audacity Audio Masterclass is a course that teaches users how to produce professional-quality audios using the free, open-source digital audio editor and recording application software called Audacity. This course is specifically designed for solopreneurs who want to take their business to the next level with professional-sounding audios that will impress their audience.

The course is divided into two segments, the Basic and Advanced course. In the Basic course, users will learn how to get started with Audacity, get used to the interface and configure settings, upload audio files, work with Audacity features, reduce noise, import and export audio files in multiple formats, record live audio, and more. In the Advanced course, users will learn how to manipulate tracks and selections using the keyboard, add real-time effects and transitions, edit audio files with a text editor, convert audio into different sample rates and formats, cut, edit, paste and delete multiple sections in an audio file, use the ‘effects’ features to make pro-level audios, and learn different techniques involved in using Audacity to grow their business.

Audacity is a freemium software that is available across many platforms, including Windows, macOS/OS X, and Unix-like operating systems. It gives users easy multitrack editing and an autosave function, and it allows them to import audio straight from any kind of video and other media files. Audacity won the SourceForge 2007 and 2009 Community Choice Award for Best Project for Multimedia, and in 2015, it continued to dominate multimedia projects with over 50 million downloads. In October 2020, Audacity reached 100 million downloads.

The course is an A-Z guide that covers everything users need to know to be an expert in editing audio to make it professional sounding in just an hour. The course content includes an Introduction, Audacity Audio Masterclass Basic Course, and Audacity Audio Masterclass Advanced Course.

2. Beat Drum Programming – Audio Editing & Create Drum Loops by Martin Svensson, Music-Prod Education (Udemy)

The Beat Drum Programming – Audio Editing & Create Drum Loops Course is designed to teach students how to create drum loops from scratch using different techniques. The course is suitable for both beginners and advanced users who want to expand their knowledge in music production. The course covers all the techniques that the biggest music producers currently use and is limited to creating music in a computer – all you need is a laptop or desktop computer.

The course includes all the necessary tools to create full drum loops, including sample packs that are royalty-free. It is designed for every skill level from beginners to advanced users. If you have never used Logic Pro X before, there is an introduction section that shows you how to manage the most basic functions of Logic Pro X. The goal of the course is to improve students’ music production techniques and help them make professional music with quality in no time.

The course is taught by Martin Svensson, a music producer who started producing music in 2005 and teaching in 2016. He has over 70,000 students on Udemy learning music production and other topics viewed from a Music Producers perspective. Svensson has been working with different producers around the world and has co-created a few well-known tracks with other musicians.

The course includes several sections such as the introduction, Logic Pro X quick start, hip hop drum loops, copying existing drum loop patterns, drum loops in other genres, and a bonus section that offers all of Svensson’s courses for free. The course covers everything from scratch and improves students’ overall music production level, motivating them to finish their music instead of letting their ideas die within their project file.

3. How To Clean Up Audio Files Effectively & Quickly in Minutes by Rose for Udemy and Kindle (Udemy)

This course titled How to Clean Up Audio Files Effectively & Quickly in Minutes is taught by Rosa for Udemy and Kindle. It is aimed at video newbies who want to learn how to clean up audio tracks after filming in order to save time and focus on the essentials. Rosa uses examples from her own experience as an online instructor to provide helpful tips and tricks for creating high-quality videos.

Rosa is an experienced instructor who has taught 24 courses on business successes through Udemy, Kindle, and Skillshare, as well as 93 courses on music and piano. Her courses have been taken by over 74,000 successful students since July 2014, with many 5-star reviews. Students who have taken this course have found it to be very helpful and well-explained.

Creating clean audio tracks for online courses can be a challenge, especially for new instructors. Rosa understands this challenge and has created this course to help newbies and veterans alike learn how to quickly and effectively clean up their audio tracks using the open source software Audacity. With Rosa’s easy steps and methods, students can focus on the essentials and learn how to create high-quality audio tracks in minutes.

High-quality audio is essential to ensure that students stay engaged in online courses. Even with top-quality microphones, there may still be buzzing noises and other distractions that need to be removed. Rosa’s secret method for quickly and effectively removing these distractions will be demonstrated in the course. Students will also learn how to remove hollow and echoey sounds, breathing noises, and other distractions that can detract from the learning experience.

As a bonus, Rosa will also show students how to remove clicking and popping sounds that may occur during PowerPoint presentations. By taking this course, students can avoid the mistakes that Rosa made when she first started teaching online and quickly learn this specialized skill.

4. The Complete Audio Guide for Video Editors [Premiere Pro] by Jason Brandel (Udemy)

The Complete Audio Guide for Video Editors [Premiere Pro] is a course that offers in-depth tutorials on editing audio in Adobe Premiere Pro. The course covers all facets of audio and sound editing for video creators, including the basics of audio editing, the psychology behind using music and sound to move your audience, tools inside Premiere to mix audio like a pro, and expert techniques to add sound effects that perfectly complement the music and visuals. The course is organized into six sections: Getting Started, Dialogue, Music, Sound Design, Tools, and Mixing.

The course provides industry-standard organization structures, tried-and-true shortcuts and effects, and essential sound panel for handling any type of voice over or field recordings. Students will learn where to find great music, how to fit music to their edits, edit to the beat, transition between multiple tracks, and even mix instrumentals and vocal tracks together. They will also learn how to use fancy tools built into Premiere such as Equalizer, Compressor, Limiter, Noise Removal, or Loudness Standardization without fear.

The course is taught by Jason Brandel, who has been editing videos and making music for over 13 years. He has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Television, Film, and New Media, and his background led fluidly into a career as a full-time video editor. He has learned from great editors and audio engineers and has developed his own unique methods for achieving high-quality sound in Premiere. The course offers both industry-standard workflows as well as personal tips and tricks to easily improve one’s sound.

Student reviews indicate that the course lives up to its title, offering tips and tricks not found on YouTube, and that the instructor is a pro who makes everything easy to follow. Overall, the course is highly recommended for anyone looking to learn more about sound in videos.

5. Audacity V2.3, Audio Editing, Clean up Audio Files by Ihsan Murad (Udemy)

This course, titled Audacity V2.3, Audio Editing, Clean up Audio Files, is a step-by-step training program designed to teach students how to use Audacity V2.3.0 to achieve professional-quality audio. The course is taught by Ihsan Murad.

The course provides techniques and effects such as noise reduction, dynamic range compression, normalization, equalization, and more, to record, edit, and clean audio. It emphasizes the importance of good quality audio in any video production, especially in commercial or brand associated use.

The course instructs students on how to download the latest version of Audacity and update it regularly for free. It also offers training on how to use the necessary tools to produce professional-sounding audio files.

All the audio files in the course are recorded, edited, and cleaned using Audacity. The course content is divided into sections, including Introduction, Downloading and Installation, Exploring The Audacity User Interface, Recording and Editing, Applying Essential Effects, Cleaning Your Audio, Enhancing Your Audio, Downloading and Installing MP3 Converter Plugin.

The course aims to enable students to produce audio files with the same quality as those presented in the course’s videos.

6. Behringer X32 DVD Tutorial by David Wills (Udemy)

Course Title: Behringer X32 DVD Tutorial

Course Instructors: David Wills

Course Short Description: This course aims to take your Behringer X32 to the next level.

Course Long Description: The Behringer X32 has been an absolute breakthrough for thousands of satisfied users. However, unlocking its full potential requires a significant amount of background knowledge. If you are finding it difficult to learn your X32 from just using the manual, this course can help.

In this course, you will have the opportunity to look over the shoulder of a professional audio engineer with 30 years of experience in the business. The instructor will put your X32 through its paces, and you will learn how to use it to its fullest potential.

The course includes an introduction section where you will learn about the course content and what to expect. From there, you will dive into the core material and explore the various features and functions of the Behringer X32.

Overall, this course provides a comprehensive and practical approach to learning the Behringer X32. By the end of the course, you will have the skills and knowledge required to take your X32 to the next level.

7. Introduction to Editing Audio for Games Course by Ryan Stunkel (Udemy)

The Introduction to Editing Audio for Games Course, instructed by Ryan Stunkel, teaches individuals how to edit and manipulate sound effects for games using the free program Audacity. The course begins by covering the basics of sound and how to create a sound effect with a free package of sounds from

Participants will also learn about the various tools available in Audacity, including Equalizers, Pitch Shifting, Compressors, and limiters. The course then progresses to creating a Laser gun sound effect and a full audio scene soundscape where an alien UFO is chasing the character and he shoots back at it with his laser gun.

The course is designed to help individuals get started with sound design and audio editing without investing too much time or money. The course is broken down into sections, including Getting Started with the Course, Basic tools in Audacity, Frequency and Pitch, Dynamic Processing, Creating a Laser Gun Sound Effect, Creating an Alien UFO Sound Scene, and Wrap Up.

Those interested in sound design, game development, or video game composition are encouraged to enroll in the course today.

8. How to Create Silent Subliminal Recordings by Peter Gagliardo (Udemy)

The course titled How to Create Silent Subliminal Recordings is offered by instructor Peter Gagliardo. The course aims to teach individuals the skill of creating silent subliminal recordings, which are known to bring about changes in an individual’s thoughts and actions.

Silent subliminal recordings have been widely used by major corporations and self-help gurus to influence the purchasing decisions of individuals and change their lives. Its power is evidenced by its use in various forms of media, including presidential elections, radio stations, movies, commercials, and the most renowned self-help gurus.

The course is designed to help individuals learn the necessary skills to harness this power and achieve personal transformation. The course is divided into five sections, which include a welcome section, how to create silent subliminal messages, how to write affirmations that work, binaural tones, and putting it all together.

In the welcome section, students are introduced to the course and its objectives. The second section teaches students how to create silent subliminal messages, while the third section focuses on writing affirmations that are effective. The fourth section covers binaural tones, and the fifth and final section teaches students how to put all the knowledge and skills together to create a powerful silent subliminal recording.

Overall, the How to Create Silent Subliminal Recordings course is a comprehensive guide that equips individuals with the skills to create powerful subliminal recordings that can bring about personal transformation.

9. Become a superstar audio editor with Audacity by Ram Mohan (Udemy)

Course Title: Become a Superstar Audio Editor with Audacity
Course Instructors: Ram Mohan

The Become a Superstar Audio Editor with Audacity course teaches the basics and advanced techniques of audio editing using the free tool Audacity. Upon completion of the course, you should be able to edit audio comfortably for yourself, your business, and your friends.

Note that the course focuses on Audacity because it is a free tool, but the techniques learned can be applied to other audio editing tools as well. Students have provided positive reviews of the course, praising its comprehensiveness and ease of understanding.

The course is broken down into six sections, including an introduction and setup, exploring the Audacity interface, working with multi-track audio files, effects, analysis and fixing bad audio, and miscellaneous bonus content.

Overall, the Become a Superstar Audio Editor with Audacity course is a comprehensive and informative resource for those looking to improve their audio editing skills.

10. How To Do Professional Audio Recording & Mixing by Ken Sawatzky (Udemy)

The course title of How To Do Professional Audio Recording & Mixing features Ken Sawatzky as the course instructor. The course offers a short description of learning audio editing and mixing from a professional music producer. The long description highlights the opportunity to observe a seasoned professional music producer at work, with valuable insights and tips for artists, sound engineers, and music producers alike.

The video course offers a comprehensive tutorial on mixing audio levels, which includes mixing equalization (EQ) as an audio effect. The course also focuses on mixing EQ with vocals, bass, acoustics, tone, percussion (drums), and masking, in both parts 1 and 2. Additionally, the course delves into mixing compression as an effect.

Jordan Jackiew, owner of Tailored Mixing studio in Winnipeg, Manitoba, serves as the course instructor. The course is divided into two sections, beginning with an introduction, followed by the mixing section.