Best Online Course For Stock Market Trading

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Close up iPhone showing Udemy application and laptop with notebookIn recent years, the rise of online learning has made it easier for individuals to gain knowledge and skills in various fields, including stock trading. With the vast amount of information available online, it can be overwhelming to find the best resources for learning about stock trading. This has led to a growing demand for quality online courses that offer comprehensive instruction and practical training in stock trading. In this article, we will explore the various options for online stock trading courses and highlight some of the key features to consider when choosing the best course for your needs.

Here’s a look at the Best Stock Trading Courses and Certifications Online and what they have to offer for you!

Best Online Course For Stock Market Trading

1. The Complete Foundation Stock Trading Course by Mohsen Hassan, bloom team (Udemy) (Our Best Pick)

The Complete Foundation Stock Trading Course is a highly-ranked Udemy course taught by Mohsen Hassan and the bloom team. The course aims to teach complete beginners and intermediate participants how to trade the Stock Market. The material covered in the course is designed to start with basic concepts and gradually work up to more advanced material. By the end of the course, participants should have a complete understanding of how the Stock Market works, including what a Stock is, why a Broker is necessary, and what Exchanges are. Participants will also learn about Orders to buy and sell stocks and how they influence the price of a stock.

The course covers Technical Analysis, including Charts and Candlesticks, Trends, Supports & Resistances, Chart Patterns, Volume, and Technical Indicators like Bollinger Bands, Relative Strength Index, and the Average True Range. It also focuses on Risk Management and Money Management, delving deep into how to protect one’s account from significant losses. Additionally, the course covers Trading Psychology, which entails learning how to control emotions when making financial decisions.

The course content and sections include The Basics and The Market, Orders and Prices, Recommended Resources, Technical Analysis, Risk Management and Money Management, Trading Psychology, Trading Tools, and a Bonus Lecture. The course has been created with care and has proven to be popular among students.

2. Investing In Stocks The Complete Course! (14 Hour) by Steve Ballinger, MBA (Udemy)

The course, Investing In Stocks The Complete Course! (14 Hour) is taught by Steve Ballinger, MBA, a top instructor and millionaire investor. The course aims to educate students on stock market investing and trading, and covers all areas from beginner to expert level. The course has over 170,000 students, making it the most popular stock market investing course on Udemy. The course stands out for its monthly new lessons and updates, comprehensive coverage, instructor’s prompt response to all questions, and 100% 30-day money back guarantee.

The course offers new lessons and updates monthly, which are included for free. Students can access lessons in global screening, stock screener, Sharpe Ratio, Beta Risk Measure, SPAC IPO, and evaluating a mutual fund or ETF among others. The instructor ensures that students receive practical tips and best practices that they can use immediately. The course provides comprehensive coverage of areas such as investing in growth, dividend, and value stocks, investing in individual stocks, mutual funds, and ETFs, using fundamental and technical analyses, and more.

The actual instructor answers all questions and provides detailed responses, unlike in other courses where questions may be ignored. The Q&A section is considered helpful by students as it aids learning on its own. The course aims to teach students how to be successful stock investors, using practical knowledge and best practices.

The course covers key concepts such as how to make money in stocks, the categorization of stocks, understanding risk, the types of stocks to buy, key investing strategies, how to evaluate a stock using both fundamental and technical analyses, among other concepts. Students also learn about basic and advanced stock screeners, how to buy stocks, and how to reduce taxes and fees. The course offers hours of video-based lessons, lifetime access to the course, quizzes, and online discussions to share ideas with other students.

The course has a 30-day money-back guarantee and is for educational and informational purposes only.

3. Advanced Stock Trading Course + Strategies by Mohsen Hassan, bloom team (Udemy)

The Advanced Stock Trading Course + Strategies, taught by Mohsen Hassan and the bloom team, is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to trade stocks confidently and effectively. The course covers a wide range of comprehensive and advanced materials that are useful in trading. Students will gain an excellent understanding of what makes a great trading strategy and how to test and develop their strategy.

The course covers intermediary and advanced level information that provides students with a different approach to analyzing data that is not just based on theory. By the end of the course, students will have a thorough understanding of the Micro-Structure of the Stock Market, including ECNs and Dark Pools. They will also learn how to use a technical indicator like the VWAP, as well as essential fundamental analysis topics, such as Earnings, Earnings Per Share, Price To Earnings, and Price To Book.

In addition to these topics, the course also covers indexes, ETFs, the economic cycle, monetary and fiscal policy, and different economic indicators and reports. The course offers in-depth training on two trading strategies from the ground up, including the thought process behind the strategies, tools to use for them, and how to test them for oneself. This section is where students put everything into practice and learn how strategies can be built.

To enroll in this course, students must first complete the course titled The Complete Foundation Stock Trading Course. The course is broken down into several sections, including Introduction, The Micro-Structure, ECNs & Dark Pools, Valuation & Technical Analysis, Fundamentals, Macro-Events, Trading Plan & Strategies, and Bonus Lecture.

In conclusion, the Advanced Stock Trading Course + Strategies offers students a comprehensive approach to stock market trading that covers a range of topics and provides them with the tools and knowledge necessary to trade confidently and effectively.

4. Guide to Stock Trading with Candlestick & Technical Analysis by Luca Moschini, SharperTrades LCC (Udemy)

The Guide to Stock Trading with Candlestick & Technical Analysis course is designed to help traders and investors master the basics of trading and investing using candlestick trading, technical analysis, risk/money management, correct trading discipline, support/resistance trading levels, and more. The course provides technical trading skills to increase trading success using a time-tested method known as Japanese candlesticks, combined with technical analysis, volume analysis, and risk and money management.

The course is geared toward swing trading and position trading primarily, as well as investing, and is suitable for beginners and intermediate levels, although experienced traders can also benefit. The course covers different trading charts and specific stocks to understand the advantage that the visual illustrations of candlestick charts have over more popular trading tools such as bar charts.

The course covers the driving force of the market (supply and demand) as well as the effects of market psychology on stock price action. New lectures will be added to the course regularly at no extra cost to the student. The course aims to teach effective trading techniques to avoid the most common pitfalls that catch 90% of traders.

The course is for all levels: beginners, intermediate, and advanced traders with unlimited lifetime access at no extra cost. The SharperTrades team is always available to answer any questions students may have regarding the course.

The course content includes an introduction to reading trading charts, indicators, emotions and price, reading charts, powerful bullish candlestick patterns such as hammer & engulfing, powerful bearish candlestick patterns such as engulfing & dark cloud, trading bonuses, consolidation and breakout patterns, and more. The course also includes a trading simulator and case studies of real-time swing trades with follow-up performance.

5. Technical Analysis Mastery Stock Trading,Forex , Investing by Haris Khan (Udemy)

The Technical Analysis Mastery course is designed to educate individuals on the latest techniques and strategies for trading in various financial markets such as Stocks, Forex, Cryptocurrencies, and more. Suitable for both beginners and experienced traders, this course teaches productive ways to predict market moves, analyze charts, and manage risk. The course covers topics such as candlestick patterns, price action analysis, chart patterns, technical indicators and strategies, risk management, and trading psychology. With lifetime access and a 30-day money-back guarantee, students can learn at their own pace and become professional traders. However, it is important to note that the information in this course is for educational purposes only and the instructor will not be responsible for any losses.

6. Stock Trading & Investing for Beginners 4-in-1 Course Bundle by Indian Insight (Udemy)

The Stock Trading & Investing for Beginners 4-in-1 Course Bundle is a comprehensive course designed specifically for beginners who are looking to quickly get started in the stock market. The course covers both financial and technical analysis and is regularly updated to include the latest information. The course is taught by Yash Utmani, the founder of Indian Insight, who was ranked 8th in Position Stock Trading & 12th in Day Trading in Equities Segment in the last concluded edition of Pro Advisory Championship Competition, India 2016.

The course is structured into four main sections: Introduction to stock trading for beginners, practical advice on getting started in stock trading & investing, fundamental analysis (Financial Statement Analysis) for long term value investing in the stock market, and classical technical analysis for trading any freely traded financial market (not just stock market). Additionally, there are three sections on option basics for stock trading, including option greeks.

The first three sections of the course deal with common queries most beginners have with respect to stock trading or investing. The next four sections deal with understanding and analyzing financial statements, including financial ratio analysis and common size analysis of companies. The next eight sections cover technical analysis, including tools for short term trading and better timing of entry for investing success. The last three sections of the course cover options basics, including options greeks.

Overall, the course provides a major boost to knowledge and gives beginners the confidence to kick start their investment journey to achieve financial freedom. The course is broken down into smaller sections for better readability and understanding.

7. Start Trading Stocks Using Technical Analysis! by Corey Halliday (Udemy)

This course, titled Start Trading Stocks Using Technical Analysis! is facilitated by Corey Halliday, a former stockbroker, who aims to teach aspiring investors the fundamentals of technical analysis. Regardless of any prior knowledge or experience of the financial markets, Corey provides multiple trade strategies to guide learners in achieving profitable returns.

Corey has been actively trading various markets, including equities, futures, forex, options, and index options since 2001. With his expertise as the Chief Market Analyst for a publicly-traded company, he developed a weekly trading strategy using SPX index options, which has returned +390.6% from March of 2011 to current day. Furthermore, Corey is a content creator for different trading newsletters and author of comprehensive investing courses intended for professionals and individual traders.

This course consists of six sections, starting with a welcome note, followed by a comparison between fundamental and technical analysis. Trend analysis, trend lines, life cycle of a trend, and gaps are also covered. Candlesticks and Average True Rating (ATR) are introduced next, along with valuable technical indicators that determine when to buy and sell stocks. The course concludes with insights on trading the markets and proper financial management.

Corey’s professional career includes successful positions as a stockbroker, Options Principal, Chief Market Analyst, financial education author, and content creator. He holds a Series 7 License (General Securities Representative) and a Series 4 License (Options Principal). With over 100,000 clients throughout the US and Canada, Corey is recognized as a top instructor for two of the most popular online financial education courses.

8. Live Stock Trading Course: Beginner to Pro by Mohsen Hassan, bloom team (Udemy)

The Live Stock Trading Course: Beginner to Pro is a practical course that teaches students how to day and swing trade using live examples. The course covers topics such as opening and funding brokerage accounts, understanding margin, and how to get live quotes in both live and demo accounts. Students will learn how to use the trading platform TWS from Interactive Brokers as well as how to set up their trading environment with order books, time of sales, economic calendar, portfolio watchlist, news, charting, and more.

The course also covers executing orders in live accounts with topics such as commissions, regular limit and market orders, advanced order types like directed market orders, hidden orders, and iceberg orders. Students will learn how to read the order book and place orders correctly based on the stock they are trading through live examples on both liquid and illiquid stocks.

The final section of the course focuses on trading the pair trading strategy with live capital. Pair trading is considered one of the most complete strategies, enabling students to execute on any other strategy after understanding and executing it. The course consists of six sections: Introduction, Brokers and Account Openings, TWS and initial setup, Market making, Pair Trading, and Conclusion.

Overall, the Live Stock Trading Course: Beginner to Pro provides practical experience in day and swing trading with a focus on live examples and execution.

9. Stock Market For Beginners – How To Start Investing Today by Jari Roomer (Udemy)

The Stock Market For Beginners course is designed to provide individuals with the tools they need to get a successful start to their stock market journey. The course is created by Jari Roomer, who has years of experience in investing in the stock market. The course is designed to teach the essentials of investing successfully in the stock market, allowing individuals to gain confidence and freedom.

The course has received positive reviews from many students who found the course helpful in providing a perfect introduction to the stock market without feeling overwhelmed with too much information. The course is easy to follow and understand, and students feel confident in their learnings.

The course covers everything an individual needs to know to get started investing in the stock market. It covers the basics of stocks, provides advice on finding a broker, and teaches the different types of stocks that should be a part of the portfolio. The course also covers investment strategies that are best suited for individuals and provides tips on how to avoid common investing mistakes. The course also goes into detail on how to earn a profit in the stock market and reduce risks.

The course is created in such a way that it provides essential lessons that Jari Roomer wished someone had told him earlier. The course is designed to help individuals start investing successfully on day 1, prevent them from making easy-to-avoid mistakes, losing thousands of dollars, and getting demotivated.

The course is concise and easy to understand, covering all the essential lessons in just 2 hours. The course includes support materials such as worksheets and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Individuals can also request investment advice or ask any other questions. There is a discount on other investing courses as well.

Overall, the Stock Market For Beginners course is an excellent resource for anyone looking to get started investing in the stock market. The course is easy to follow and teaches all the essential lessons that individuals need to know to get started.

10. Start Trading Stocks Using Technical Analysis! Part 2 by Corey Halliday (Udemy)

The Start Trading Stocks Using Technical Analysis! Part 2 course is an educational offering that aims to teach individuals how to trade like a professional investor. The course instructor, Corey Halliday, is a former stock broker with extensive experience in trading equities, futures, forex, options, and index options. As the Chief Market Analyst for a publicly-traded company, he provides multiple trade strategies and leadership for his team of professionals consistently achieving returns that outperform the broad markets.

Corey is the content creator for various trading newsletters and author of complete investing courses targeted to professionals and individual traders. His content covers the full spectrum of market knowledge from the basic of investing essentials through advanced options and technical analysis. He has been recognized as a top instructor for two of the most popular online financial education courses and has taught over 100,000 clients throughout the US and Canada.

Part 2 of the course covers three sections: Bullish Trading Strategies, Bearish Trading Strategies, and Bonus Material. The course promises to teach the fundamentals of technical analysis to get individuals started on the right track, regardless of how much experience they have with financial markets. Corey Halliday’s expertise in trading and leadership in the stock market make him a reliable source for information and education.