Extensive Online Mandala Certified Course

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Close up iPhone showing Udemy application and laptop with notebookMandala drawing and coloring have been gaining popularity as a form of mindfulness and relaxation therapy. The intricate patterns and designs of mandalas have been found to have a calming effect on the mind, reduce stress and anxiety, and promote a sense of well-being. With the rise of the internet, there has been an increase in the availability of mandala courses online. These courses aim to guide individuals in the creation of mandalas through various techniques, materials, and styles. In this article, we will look at some of the best mandala courses available online and explore their features and benefits.

Here’s a look at the Best Mandala Courses and Certifications Online and what they have to offer for you!

Extensive Online Mandala Certified Course

1. Mini Mandala Tutorial-How to draw a Mandala ( Beginner ) by Anike , Zebra Soul Art (Udemy) (Our Best Pick)

The Mini Mandala Tutorial-How to draw a Mandala (Beginner) course is designed for busy individuals who want to commit to a short course that helps them relax and unwind while gaining quick results. The course is ideal for beginners who want to learn how to draw Mandalas, as it offers a meditative form of creating artwork that is much easier than it looks. The course has two methods for creating Mandalas, and a special video on how to create a Loop Mandala.

In July 2021, a brand new section was added to the course, which consists of Mindful Instrumental Meditation Audios that help create the right atmosphere during Mandala creation. The course offers a total of 1.5 hours of Mini Mandala Tutorials and 85 minutes of meditation audios that help individuals when they are stressed, anxious, or need some me time.

The course requires basic drawing materials that most individuals already have at home, such as a pencil, ruler, protractor, eraser, white paper, a black pen (thick), a black fine liner, and a compass. Colored pencils are optional for those who want to color in their Mandalas once they have finished their black and white Mandala.

The enrollment to this Mandala Drawing Course comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing individuals to have a risk-free look at the tutorial and decide if it’s the right fit for them. The course is divided into several sections, including an introduction, two methods for creating Mandalas, and meditation audios to guide individuals during their Mandala creation process. The course concludes with some last words from the course instructor.

2. Learn to Draw Mandala from Basics to Advanced by Chaitra Hebbar (Udemy)

The course titled Learn to Draw Mandala from Basics to Advanced is instructed by Chaitra Hebbar, and focuses on the art of mandala. The course aims to develop creative thinking through simple and fun art activities that can be done at home. The course teaches basic designs of mandala, gradually progressing to drawing about 25 different mandalas. Mandalas are Buddhist devotional images that symbolize an ideal universe and are often used as an aid to meditation. Mandalas were created in various countries and date back to the 4th century. In spiritual traditions, mandalas are used for focusing attention, establishing a sacred space, and as an aid to meditation and trance induction. The benefits of mandala art include relaxation, improving concentration, nurturing creativity, stress relief, and improving self-esteem. Materials required for the course include square ruled sheets, drawing paper, pencil, ruler, protractor, compass, mandala art pen, and watercolors. The course content includes an introduction, basic designs of mandala, basic mandalas, intermediate mandalas, and advanced mandala.

3. Mandala Art Workshop [ 3 videos + bonus session ] by SKILLaale . (Udemy)

The Mandala Art Workshop course consists of 3 videos and a bonus session, and is taught by SKILLaale. The purpose of the course is to teach students how to create mandalas from scratch. The term mandala comes from Sanskrit and means circles. Mandalas hold great significance in Hindu and Buddhist cultures, and are used for meditation, prayer, healing, and art therapy. Creating mandalas can help reduce stress, promote sleep, ease depression, increase concentration, and cultivate patience.

By joining the online session, students will learn everything they need to know to start their own mandala journey. In an age where digital art is becoming increasingly popular, creating a handmade mandala is a unique and exclusive experience, as no two mandalas are alike.

The course is divided into an introduction section, which covers the basics of mandala creation. Students will learn about the symbolism behind mandalas and how they are used in various cultures. They will also learn about the benefits of creating mandalas, and how to get started on their own.

4. Mandala- Basics of Mandala Drawing by Sonal Chauhan (Udemy)

The Mandala- Basics of Mandala Drawing course, taught by Sonal Chauhan, offers an introduction to the ancient art of Mandala. Mandala drawing has therapeutic benefits, promoting self-esteem, focus, concentration, and happiness. In this course, students will learn what Mandala is, what tools are required, and how to draw both 6 and 8 grid Mandalas. The course also includes a practice workbook and step-by-step guide. Learning Mandala drawing can lead to relaxation, improved concentration, stress relief, increased self-esteem, and even career opportunities. The course is broken down into three sections: Introduction, How to make 6 grid Mandala, and How to make 8 grid Mandala. The course aims to provide practical exposure to the art of Mandala.

5. Art Therapy For All – How To Draw Paisley Mandala Workshop by L. Rozine Prock (Udemy)

The Art Therapy For All – How To Draw Paisley Mandala Workshop is a course that teaches students how to create their own mandala masterpiece using simple coloring and intricate designs. Mandala are characterized by repetitive patterns in concentric shapes such as circles, triangles, and squares. In many spiritual practices, mandala represents the entire Universe, while in modern Jungian psychology, it stands for an effort to reunify the self.

The course is designed to be a supportive tool for meditation, allowing clear and vivid visuals while occupying one’s motor skills. Course instructor L. Rozine Prock takes artists through the process step-by-step, creating beautiful mandala symbolism. She also discusses shape and color psychology, using positive affirmations that reflect the meaning of the shapes used in the drawing.

The class is taught using an 8 x 10 canvas board, a pencil, Elmer’s Colored Paint Pens (medium nib), Black Sharpie Paint Pens (fine & medium nib). Art can be painted with acrylics, watercolors, or oils. Rozine offers suggestions on how to balance repetitive shapes and patterns and how to select the best colors. The course is an opportunity for students to express themselves through any medium they prefer.

The course content is divided into four sections, which are: Let’s Get Started!, Draw A Paisley Mandala – Time Without End, Color A Paisley Mandala – Time Without End, and Add Details To the Paisley Mandala – Time Without End. After completing these sections, students will have successfully created their own mandala masterpiece.

6. Mandala Rock Painting: Complete and easy step-by-step class by Mary Thompson (Udemy)

The Mandala Rock Painting course is an instructional program that teaches students how to create a beautiful mandala rock. The course is led by instructor Mary Thompson and is comprehensive, offering a complete breakdown of all the necessary steps, tools, supplies, and techniques.

The course covers a range of topics, including the different types of supplies and their advantages, as well as optional supplies. Students are taught the halfway technique for creating the mandala pattern, which ensures precision. The course also covers how to choose a gradient color pattern using the color wheel. Additionally, students learn intermediate/advanced dotting techniques such as walking dots, double dots/layering dots, and comma strokes. The course also offers insights into ways to turn rock painting into a business.

The course content is divided into several sections, including an introduction, basics and first steps for painting your rock, mandala dotting, other techniques/dotting styles, finishing and cleaning up, and more. The course provides students with a comprehensive education in mandala rock painting and is designed to help them create beautiful, professional-looking mandala rocks.

7. Mandala Art: The Ultimate Mandala Drawing & Design Course by Art & Craft Letstute (Udemy)

Letstute is introducing a new course called Mandala Art: The Ultimate Mandala Drawing & Design Course with Prerna Thani as the art instructor. In this course, participants will learn how to create beautiful Mandala designs, doodles and textures with brush/pen, starting from scratch, in easy-to-follow steps. Mandalas are a unique blend of spiritualism and geometry, and are used in art therapy.

The course will cover topics such as creating the right grid for mandala, basic shapes and patterns, intricate patterns, and different types of fine art mandalas including Geometric Mandala, Overlapping Mandala, 3D Mandala, Dot Mandala, Ornate Mandala and many more. This beginner-friendly course does not require any prior artistic experience, and participants will have the freedom to choose whatever shapes and colors that they feel express their sense of self and view of reality.

The course includes lifetime access, free new lessons and updates, and a certificate of completion upon finishing the course. The course is divided into three sections: Basic Mandala Art, Intermediate Mandala Designs, and Advance Mandala Designs.

8. Learn to Draw Meditative Mandala-Beginner to Advanced Course by Mayuri Dhanad (Udemy)

The course, titled Learn to Draw Meditative Mandala-Beginner to Advanced, is designed to teach students how to draw mandalas from a basic to advanced level. The course instructor, Mayuri Dhanad, emphasizes the meditative benefits of drawing mandalas and promises to teach simple methods for drawing them.

The course is structured in six sections, starting with an introduction to mandalas and progressing to more advanced techniques. The first section covers the basics of drawing a mandala, followed by a section on petal design practice. The next two sections cover how to draw mini mandalas and symbolic mandalas, respectively. The course concludes with a summary of what students have learned.

The course promises to equip students with the skills they need to draw mandalas of their own choice and imagination. The instructor emphasizes that the techniques taught in this course are the basic foundation of drawing any mandala, making it helpful for intricate mandala drawings as well.

Drawing mandalas is not only about creating art but also about experiencing a sense of well-being while doing so. Therefore, the course instructor encourages students to try drawing mandalas while sitting in the presence of nature to experience the meditative feel of the art form.

9. Learn to Draw Mandala Art | Beginner to Advance by Swamini Kulkarni (Udemy)

The Learn to Draw Mandala Art course is an online program taught by Swamini Kulkarni. The course is suitable for beginners as well as those with some experience in drawing, as it aims to teach the art of Mandala drawing, an ancient meditative practice that involves repetitive patterns within concentric circles, often referred to as Sacred Geometry. The course aims to help reduce anxiety, tension, and overall stress, making it a beneficial activity for anyone seeking a creative outlet.

The course covers various aspects of Mandala art, including an introduction to the practice, the materials required, and the basic designs of Mandala drawing. Learners will then progress to creating their own patterns, including freehand and circular Mandala, and using color pencils to create their designs. The course also includes a section on creating a half Mandala using mixed media and a final section on creating a Mandala masterpiece using watercolor.

To participate in the course, learners will require plain paper or a drawing book, a black pen, pencil, eraser, rounder, and ruler. The course content is divided into three main sections, namely introduction, basics of Mandala, and advanced Mandala. Overall, this course is an excellent option for anyone looking to explore their creativity and learn a new meditative practice.

10. Mesmerizing Mandalas- Learn to Draw 7 Colorful Mini Mandalas by Mayuri Dhanad (Udemy)

The Mesmerizing Mandalas- Learn to Draw 7 Colorful Mini Mandalas course is designed to teach participants how to draw and color their own mini mandalas using simple methods. The course includes seven colorful mandala designs, ranging from basic to advanced levels. Participants will learn to draw mandalas in detail and color them with ease. Upon completion of the course, participants will have the necessary skills to draw colorful mandalas on their own.

The course begins with an introduction to the course and covers the basics of color theory. Participants will also learn about the art supplies required for this course. The course then progresses to basic petal practice, followed by advanced petal practice. Participants will then learn about the mandala grid and move on to drawing seven mini mandalas, including the lotus mandala, sun mandala, rainbow mandala, geometric eye mandala, evergreen mandala, antique mandala, and ocean mandala.

Participants will also learn about the benefits of mandala art. The different techniques and skills taught in this course are the foundation for drawing any intricate mandala designs. The course concludes with a section on how mandala art can promote a sense of well-being and encourage a meditative state when done in the presence of nature.

Overall, this course is suited for anyone interested in learning to draw colorful mandalas, regardless of their skill level. The course content is broken down into easy to follow sections that build upon each other, leading to the final output of drawing seven mini mandalas.